Luxury Facials using Sothys Skin Care

Facial 1 Hour

An introductory facial for all skin types  
Flash Beauty 40 Mins
An introductory facial treatment for all skin types. Packed with vitamins and essential oils extracted from hazel nuts, sesame, avocado and mandarin. Benefits include antiseptic, healing, stimulation and moisturising.

Course of Six Treatments £139.95

Prescriptive Facials  
Professional Peeling -Regular Formula 30 Mins £23.95
Containing Glycolic Acid and oat flour. This exfoliating treatment eliminates dead skin cells and aids cell renewal. Sheer radiance for all skin types. Ideal as a preparation for a course of further treatments.  
Professional Peeling -Concentrated Formula 30 Mins £26.00
Concentrated anti-ageing repair formula containing Glycolic Acid, oat flour and salicylic acid. Benefits aged skin by diminishing ageing marks and pigmentation spots. Reduces thickened skin and has a tightening action to give radiance and luminosity, softness and suppleness. Also removes impurities from oily skin  
Oxyliance 1 Hour 30 Mins £39.95
An intensely invigorating facial with the use of "digi pressure". Revives tired looking, dull complexions, treats fine wrinkles and eases oily and problem skins. Has detoxifying and anti-stress properties. Contains lavender, lemongrass and marine extracts.

Course of Six Treatments £225.00

Immuniscience Treatment 1Hour £28.50
For sensitive and ultra sensitive skins, a facial to combat redness and reduce inflammation.

Course of Six Treatments £157.95

Hydroptimale 1 Hour £36.00
A protecting treatment against harsh elements (exposure to sun, cold weather and wind). Moisturising properties for dehydrated skin. Treats rough, dry skin and fine lines improving suppleness. For all skin types. Course of Six Treatments £199.00
Lift Défense 1Hour 15 Mins £42.00
A preventative treatment against lines and wrinkles. Revives tired and dull skin improving suppleness, tone and firmness. For all skin types age 25 and over. Course of Six Treatments £225.00
Homme - Mens Facial 50 Mins £35.00

De-toxifying, de-stressing, hydrating, anti wrinkle formula. Rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. Includes face peel and mask.


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