Question: I have greasy roots but the ends of my hair are dry. What can I do?

Answer: First things first, it is important to get your hair well trimmed to remove any split ends that can make the hair look dry and unhealthy. Next, wash your hair every day, alternating between a mild shampoo such as TIGI's Moisture Maniac Shampoo and a shampoo with a higher detergent level such as TIGI's Deep Cleansing Shampoo. This Deep Cleansing Shampoo is perfect as it is designed specifically to remove excess oils, impurities and fixative build up. To moisture the ends of the hair, apply Moisture & Shine Conditioning Balm from the mid section through to the ends of the hair.

Question: I wash my hair every day but it always seems to look dull and lifeless, what can you recommend to make it look its best?

Answer: Maybe your shampoo is too harsh for such frequent use. Try using shampoo designed for everyday use such as TIGI's Moisture Maniac Shampoo followed by TIGI's Moisture Maniac Conditioner. Together, these two will give your hair the nourishment, shine and body it needs to look and feel super healthy everyday. Alternatively, TIGI Moisture & Shine Shampoo and Moisture & Shine Conditioning Balm are designed to work together to naturally hydrate the hair and scalp without the use of heavy oils, leaving hair super soft and glossy as well as nourished and protected. For instant shimmer and shine, spritz your hair with some Essensuals Spray Shine. This lightweight 100% grease free formulation contains natural light reflectors to restore luminosity to dull hair, while the natural herb extracts contained within eliminate frizzies and leave your hair silky soft.

Question: I continually colour my hair. What should I use to maintain the colour and look after the condition of my hair?

Answer: There is nothing wrong with colouring your hair on a regular basis so long as you take the necessary steps to protect it afterwards! What you need is to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that have been specifically designed for coloured hair. TIGI's Dumb Blonde is a fantastic conditioning bath formulated to protect and revive chemically processed, over-stressed, weak and damaged hair. Super enriched with a potent vitamin complex, Dumb Blonde Shampoo injects moisture and nourishment to needy hair, enhancing the condition and strength of hair and leaving it gleaming with the deepest possible shine.Continue the hair treats with TIGI's Dumb Blonde Conditioner. This is designed to penetrate the hair shaft and replace lost protein and minerals in the hair's inner cortex.

Question: I go swimming everyday but the chlorine seems to be having an awful effect on the condition of my hair. Apart from giving up swimming, what can I do?

Answer: TIGI's Deep Cleansing Shampoo is the perfect companion for swimmers as it contain an advanced anti - chlorine agent which bonds with, and budges, any chlorine that has become submerged in the hair. There will be no need to give up swimming in the name of beauty afterall!

Question: I have very thin, limp hair that hangs around my face. It is driving me mad! What can I do?

Answer: Root Boost is brilliant for giving flagging locks the lift they need. This foam to lotion spray gets right to the root of the problem to ensure that even the finest of hair goes from flat to full quickly and easily! Root Boost instantly adds lift to hair to create dramatic dimension and texture as well as supreme volume and style. Spray into the roots and blow dry for maximum hold, movement and definition, then blow dry the hair with a round brush to add extra volume and texture. You are guaranteed a totally uplifting experience!

Question: My boyfriend needs a product to make his hair look a bit more trendy. His hair is quite short, what can you suggest?

Answer: It sounds like he needs to be introduced to Bed Head, the little stick with a big attitude! Bed Head is a wax in a stick that goes straight onto the hair to instantly give intense texture, direction and attitude to short funky styles. Application varies according to the hair texture, length and personality but for short, cropped hair, apply in a circular rotating motion over the entire head shape to achieve a tufty, spiked look without getting your hands dirty.

Question: I have really curly hair that goes frizzy. What can I do to stop this happening?

Answer: TIGI's Curl Jam is the perfect remedy for curly hair that is prone to the frizzies. This non-chemical curl intensifier infuses moisture and nutrients into permed or naturally curly hair to instantly increase curl and shine whilst eliminating any frizz. Apply to towel dried hair and allow to dry naturally or scrunch dry the hair while using a diffuser attachment. Alternatively, Essensuals Leave-In Conditioner is also a great remedy for frizzy hair. Apply to wet hair and allow to dry. Whichever you choose, finish your hair with a very small amount of TIGI's Girls Toys hair serum to leave your hair looking and feeling like silk.

Question: I want big hair but have no natural volume. What do you suggest?

Answer: Building volume at the roots is a must. First start with a volumising shampoo and conditioner to add oomph before styling. TIGI Essensuals Thickening Shampoo and Thickening Paste Conditioner are ideal as they plump and thicken each hair strand to immediately give the appearance of fullness and body. Next, you need to apply a product that gets right to the root of the problem without weighing the hair down. Bed Head Small Talk has been made especially for this. Applied to wet hair from the roots and blasted with a hot hairdryer, the unique thermo-maximising molecules will actually double the volume of each hair strand, leaving it looking thicker and healthier.

Question: My hair is naturally wavy but I want it to go straight every once in a while. Is this possible?

Answer: Going super straight on a temporary basis can be simple with a little practice and it needn't involve any chemical treatments that can damage hair. The easiest way is to combine a smooth blow drying technique with a non-chemical straightener such as TIGI's Straight Talk Flattening Balm or Bed Head Control Freak. First, wash and towel dry hair, then emulsify product into palms, smooth onto the hair and distribute evenly through the hair. Divide hair and clip into sections, then brush through each section, pulling the hair taught with a TIGI PVC Round Brush. Next, direct the nozzle of your hair dryer down the hair shaft to create smoothness and to protect the cuticle. Starting at the sides work your way up the head in layers to achieve an even effect. After drying, remove the heat, but keep hair taught with your brush for a further 10 seconds. Brush through when completely dry. Finish with TIGI Essensuals Spray Shine for added shine.

Question: I want to pamper myself at home, what do you recommend?

Answer: Next time you feel frazzled and in need of some tender loving care, lock yourself in, unplug the phone and reach for TIGI's Oatmeal and Honey Repair Treatment. This intense conditioning treatment works without heat in just 3 minutes to nourish, moisturise and revitalise your hair, leaving it gleaming with health. After just one use, Oatmeal & Honey will leave your hair smooth, soothed, glossy and protected and you are guaranteed to emerge feeling relaxed pampered and almost ready to face the world again!

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