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SOTHYS [pronounced So-tis] is the name which the Ancient Egyptians gave to the most precious star shining bright throughout the skies symbolizing eternal beauty. Her unique distinction captured the admiration and fascination of all men, and she was admired and worshipped by all.
When Gods were like humans, bearing all kinds of suffering and feelings of love, the Great God Saturn fell in love with Sothys and was entrapped by her passion. It was then that Venus, filled with fires of jealousy and out of vengeance, threw this delicate and innocent star Sothys into an abyss as an act of vengeance.

No more was heard of SOTHYS and for ages the world of humans did not know what fate had befallen her. Then, one day, inspired by the beauty of the heavens. SOTHYS reappeared in the memories of men and women; a new star illuminating the skies once again.. In recognition, she is known as the Goddess of Beauty, bestowing her secrets of beauty to all who have searched for sophistication, elegance and eternal youth.

SOTHYS can be seen today in the western sky as the last star of the morning heralding the birth of a new day. And, in her mortal transformation, her precious elegance is upheld by the sophisticated image of the Sothys Beauty Institute in the chic Faubourg St Honoré, in Paris... its reputation is now world renowned.


SOTHYS has worked in the field of professional beauty for over 50 years.

To be in position to always hold it’s premises, the company created an experimental research department (S.O.R.E.D.E.C.), which owns its own beauty salon. Being continuously in contact with fundamental research laboratories, a team of 10 scientists make innovations becoming the company’s every day life. S.O.R.E.D.E.C. develops products in perfect harmony with the SOTHYS trilogy: efficiency, security, agreement.

SOTHYS TREATMENTS to improve together with beauticians.

A treatment is a step by step event. Each gesture was studied by a professional beautician (Digiaesthetician®).
SOTHYS’ Institute treatments are sold in kits exclusively for beauticians. SOTHYS doesn’t only sell a product but a method as well.
These treatments are kept up to date in accordance with the evolutions of active principles and methods.
That’s why training means so much to us. Training garantees that the methods used by beauticians are the ones that were developed by SOTHYS (In 1983 the company opened an international training center)


Hand in hand with beauticians

SOTHYS products are applied and advised by professional beauticians, who work manually. That means that the result of a treatment depends of the beautician’s " savoir faire ".
The partnership is based on mutual responsibilities, because SOTHYS and the beautician have a common objective: to satisfy their customer.

Beauticians desire pleasant and efficient treatments to reach this goal, hence they need a performing tool. It’s SOTHYS’ responsibility to offer a performing tool that shows no inconvenience.
For SOTHYS the choice of the beautician is important as well, because the products are only efficient if correctly applied. It is the responsibility of the beautician to maintain the brand’s image.

Beauty is the result of two factors: the products and the beautician’s know-how. The product alone is not sufficient.

SOTHYS and beautician’s aim to satisfy the desire of elitism and excellence that women who care about their beauty have.

Partnerships abroad

Here again the idea of partnership is very important. SOTHYS has strong basis in key countries (agents or subsidiaries), and a powerful distribution net undermined by its direction and export department.
The brand always thinks locally to act globally, which means SOTHYS cares of local particularities, and remains open minded. Now SOTHYS is well implemented in professional beauty market worldwide. It’s savoir faire and products are well transmitted.

To choose SOTHYS is choosing difference

We have an history: we remained faithful to beauty salons and beauticians for over 50 years.
We do not sell simple care products, but active products applied and advised professionally.
We propose manual treatments.
Results are guaranteed: each product is tested and controlled by an independent laboratory.
SOTHYS is a different professional skin care brand.




Our quality Policy:

The idea of quality, a " quality spirit " to be more precise, has been in the heart of our corporate thinking since the birth of the company. It’s easy to notice though:
- technical and high quality products,
- high R&D investments,
- a modern production plant and skillful employees,
- constant dialog with the customers,
- a well-structured quality system and the formalisation of all internal actions,
- systematic control of all our productions (bacteriological, and phisio-chemical).

Our will of excellence has been formalized by the creation of a quality department, whose mission is to create a quality policy based on the reference book ISO9001.

The aim of the quality policy is to enable us to continuously fulfill the needs of the clients, to maintain the company on the way to progress, to increase our organization and methods day after day.

Furthermore the quality department greatly contributes to make everyone being responsible of quality. Because the quality is not only a perfect product, but a chain that starts with its conception and ends with customer service.

Our environmental policy

SOTHYS contributes to preserving its environment by different means.

First, on an internal basis (raw materials, and intermediate materials). A systematic research of ways to recycle is made, we always try to recycle before eliminating.
This means
- our used paper, metal, and wood is recycled,
- we reprocess our water before sending it to the purification station,
- contracts have been set up with the region to reprocess waste.

To ensure the recycling of our sold products we are members of " ecological packaging " symbolised by the green point on our products.

This system organizes the collection of household’s waste and finances it’s reprocessing.



When created in 1946, SOTHYS was a Parisian Beauty Salon, which developped its own products and treatments. In those days, Doctor Hotz, founder of the brand, being definitively ahead of his time, created fresh cosmological products containing as few preservatives as possible. He named this line: Biological Beauty Products.
His theory was the following: too many preservatives may cause allergic reactions and affect one’s skin health. This theory has been borne out by the fact, as the use of most of this products is regulated by law nowadays.

1946 - La première crème Sothys 1968 -Ligne Solaire

To guarantee the freshness of its products, SOTHYS chose two packagings which were quite innovative at that time: aluminium tubes for the creams, and glass blisters for the serums. In both cases the products had no contact with the air, and few or no contact with the user’s hands.

In 1966 the SOTHYS Beauty Salon has been bought by the MAS family. Mr. Bernard MAS, chairman, decided to lead the SOTHYS the rank to which it is entitled by the quality of its products and institute treatments.
The partnership with beauticians is strengthened, the products and production methods improved. The young and efficient team of SOTHYS grew year after year. Finally in 1972 a production plant was inaugurated in MEYSSAC (Corrèze - France) and the administrative offices moved to BRIVE (France) during 1976.

1946 -Inovation : Le conditionnement en ampoules

With the launching of an unique treatment method called Lifting Biologique SOTHYS finally made its mark in the professional Beauty Salons universe. In the meantime the company began to work with the most fashioned beauty schools.
Sothys regularly updated its techniques, and was a pioneer once again when developing biotechnologies and giving up the use of animal substances.
The packaging evolved as well, the use of aluminum tubes ended, as new cartons now offered the same garantees (with the use of operculums and spatulas). The blisters were abandoned and well replaced by the flasks we use nowadays.

1974 - Descquacrem 1990 - Packaging actuel

The development of the company was massive in France, but it was also impressive worldwide. SOTHYS is now available in more than 70 countries, and has subsidiaries in some them (e.g.: USA, Singapore, Japan).

Nowadays SOTHYS products can be bought in more than 15000 Beauty Salons around the world, while the brand definitively becomes the Signature of Excellence in Professional Skin Care.

SOTHYS tries to remain a human sized corporation, counting on the partnership with its employees to achieve its goals. Thanks to an unique corporate thinking the company can settle an ultimate goal: staying

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