Sothys introduces Blanc Perfect on the Asian market (available worldwide in May 1999). It is our answer to skin pigmentation.

Skin pigmentation is due to melanin, which colors the skin and takes part in its protection against UV rays. As UV rays increase the production of melanin there is a formation of spots and premature ageing (appearance of small lines and wrinkles).

The Blanc Perfect line has been specially formulated to make skin translucent, uniform and luminous. The whitening products have been selected because they inhibit the excessive production of melanin and thus prevent the appearance of brown spots.

Blanc Perfect Fluid:
The whitening complex APM - Licorice®-Biowhite ® contained in this very soft fluid has been selected to prevent the formation of brown spots and to lighten complexion. Tested SPF8, Blanc Perfect Fluid protects the skin thanks to a derivative of vitamin E and a photo-protective complex.

Results: a clear and uniform complexion, a soft and protected skin.
Apply morning and evening, with light movements on the face and neck. In case of sun exposure, follow with the application of Sothys Sun Block SPF25.

Blanc Perfect Serum :
To preserve the translucence of your skin and combat brown spots, this serum acts intensively with a triple action:

1 - It accelerates the disappearance of brown spots and lightens skin with whitening complex.
2 - It prevents skin from ageing (anti radical complex).
3 - It softens the skin and hydrates its superficial layers.

Its fresh texture penetrates the skin easily and leaves your skin feeling comfortable.
Morning and evening after skin cleansing apply Blanc Perfect Serum locally on brown spots (face and hands) For a reinforced action follow with the application of Blanc Perfect Fluid.

In case of sun exposure follow with the application of Sun Block SPF 25. One bottle of Blanc Perfect Serum lasts one week with two daily applications.

Sothys' philosophy has always been the following: Institute Treatments combined with home treatments give visible results on the skin.

Blanc Perfect whitening programme combines: a range of professional performing and complementary whitening care products to the Professional Peeling treatment with glycolic acid for a lightening kerato-regulating action.
Results: skin is translucent and uniform. Pigmentation spots diminish.

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