RETINOL: redefine skin’s youth

Professor Albert Kligman, the premier skin scientist in the world today, which discovered Vitamin A’s outstanding anti-ageing effects. Retinol (a pure vitamin A concentrate) has incredible capabilities: elimination of wrinkles, increase of skin’s elasticity and stimulation of cellular renewal.

In the United States Rétinol is already considered as being the new generation of cosmetic biotechnologies which will succeed the glucose acids and AHA.

However Vitamin A is very unstable when exposed to the air, recent research suggesting it becomes inert before it even reaches the skin.

The scientists at Advanced Polymer Systems found the vehicle that would stabilise Vitamin A and deliver it directly to the skin: the revolutionary Microsponge® technology.

This laboratory contacted SOTHYS, which, in the meantime, created a Institute Treatment that compensates Vitamin A’s dehydrating effects.


This program’s aim is to prepare the skin, to diminish wrinkles, to optimise Rétinol’s effects and to bring compensating hydration (HYDROPTIMALE Institute Treatment.)

Rétinol’s effect are now visible and proved. The following results have been noticed:
38% improvement of pigmentation,
30% improvement in the signs of fine lines,
48% improvement in the appearance of skin roughness,
27% improvement in the appearance of skin’s texture.

Important: do not use any other cream or product before or after the use of Retinol 15.
A professional diagnosis of one’s type of skin, done by the beautician, is necessary before the use of Rétinol 15.

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