Nail Products

We use and retail OPI nail lacquer.

OPI Nail Products

Moisture Replenishment

Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil (dropper) 701AV 7.5ml £7.75
Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil (brush) 707AV 15ml £13.95
Cuticle Exfoliating Treatment 720AV 30ml £9.95
Moisture Replenishing Lotion 711AV 30ml £2.70
Moisture Replenishing Lotion 714AV 120ml £8.45
Moisture Replenishing Lotion 718AV 240ml £13.75
Moisture Replenishing Lotion 716AV 450ml £21.50

OPI Assorted Liquid Products

Non Acetone Polish Remover Clear 441AL 30ml £2.05
Non Acetone Polish Remover Clear 444AL 120ml £5.10
Non Acetone Polish Remover Clear 446AL 480ml £13.25
Non Acetone Polish Remover Clear 446AL 960ml £20.50
Polish Remover with Aloe (green) 401AL 30ml £1.95
Polish Remover with Aloe (green) 404AL 120ml £4.50
Polish Remover with Aloe (green) 406AL 480ml £11.70
Polish Remover with Aloe (green) 407AL 960ml £17.80
Rapidry Lacquer Drier Spray 702AL 60ml £8.75
Rapidry Lacquer Drier Spray 704AL 120ml £16.80

OPI accessory Products

OPI Fluffy Nail Duster 914AC 1 £10.95
OPI Lint Free Wipes 809AC 325 £10.40

OPI Implements

OPI Cuticle Sticks 260IM 2 £3.65
OPI Pusher Plus (stainless steel) 220IM 1 £43.95
Natural Pumice Stone HINDU 1 £7.75

OPI Nail Treatments

OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner T01NT 60ml £7.50
Natural Nail Base Coat T10NT 15ml £7.50
Acrylic Nail Base Coat T20NT 15ml £7.50
Top Coat T30NT 15ml £7.50
Ridge Filler T40NT 15ml £7.50
Natural Nail Strengthener T60NT 15ml £7.50
OPI Nail Envy T80NT 15ml £14.95
Matte Nail Envy T82NT 15ml £14.95
OPI Start to Finish FFF T71NT 15ml £9.35
OPI Rapidry Top Coat T74NT 15ml £9.75

Beautiful Feet Products

Natural Foot Lotion BF02FL 60ml £5.40
Natural Foot Lotion BF08FL 236ml £20.70
Natural Foot Bath BF02FB 60ml £4.10
Natural Foot Bath BF08FB 236ml £16.25
Cuticle Remover BF01CR 30ml £4.60
Antiseptic Liquid Spray BF04AS 118ml £13.90
Silk Foot Powder BF04FP 113.4gm £11.50
Cooling Gel BF04CG 113.4gm £9.75
Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub BF04CS 113.4gm £16.25
Little Foot File BFFF 1 £5.60
Ultra Scooties (washable) £4.60
Toe Separator 006PC 1 pair £5.85
Retail Kit BFRKT 1 pack £20.85