Acrylic Nail Tips

Doís and Doníts

When the nail extensions have been applied, it is important that they are cared for correctly, the following should be a guide to help in after-care.

No hand creams, body lotions, baby oil, etc, that contain lanolin should be used. Some shampoos and conditioners contain this. Shampoos like Pantene, Flex, Organics, Timotei and Elvive have been known to affect the acrylic, but also check conditioners.

Shampoos you could use are Salon Selectives, Herbal Essence and Supersoft by Schwarzkopf, have all been used with no effect to the nail extensions. Use hand cream that is more like a lotion and sinks into the skin, not one that lies on top of the skin like a barrier cream.

Try not to use products that contain mineral oils such as Radox. This too will affect the nails. Always check the ingredients on the back of the product to ensure there are no chemicals inside to cause problems. Always wear rubber gloves when using bleaches, etc. Donít wear them for too long, however, because they will cause a humid atmosphere which makes the acrylic soft and lifts the acrylic from the natural nail.

Washing up liquid will not affect your nails.

Use the correct nail polish remover, a non-acetone remover is recommended even on the natural nail. Do not change your polish too often, once a week is enough as polish will last on acrylic nails for at least two to three weeks. You can use any make of polish.

Cuticle Oil is a must to keep your nail extensions flexible and strong. Used once a day it is a good conditioner for your cuticle area and the natural nail.

When you have nail extensions they will look natural and feel very strong. To keep them this way, an infill is required every two to three weeks, depending on the natural nail growth.

Your technician has worked hard to create these nail extensions for you but you must do your bit to keep them this way.


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